Tetra Pak announced acquisition of Comet's Electron Beam development and manufacturing business

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 Recently, Tetra Pak announced the acquisition of the Electronic Beam equipment development and manufacturing business of comet AG, a leading Swiss technology company in the world, to strengthen its own e-beam development and manufacturing capabilities.


"The acquisition fulfills Tetra Pak's strategic focus, is committed to promoting the sustainable transformation of the industry, while helping customers reduce operating costs, increase production capacity and help them achieve their own sustainable development goals," said executive vice president of Tetra Pak global development and engineering.

Kevin Crofton, chief executive of comet group, said, "we are very happy to find a new home for the electron beam lamp business. Now, we can fully focus on improving our core competitiveness to help build a safer and more efficient sustainable manufacturing industry. "

Tetra Pak said that in the future, it will continue to promote the development and application of electron beam sterilization technology, further strengthen the deployment of this technology, and help more and more Chinese customers achieve more efficient and environmentally friendly production.

Information shows that Tetra Pak was established in 1952 as a multinational enterprise group registered in Sweden and entered the Chinese market in 1979. At present, Tetra Pak has set up packaging material production plants in Beijing, Kunshan, Jiangsu and Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. In addition to the capping plant, Tetra Pak's investment in China has reached 4.46 billion yuan.

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